Good News: Mika Doesn't Object to 'Moral Grounding'

What does it say about the secular state of the MSM that a liberal media member has to defensively clarify for the record that she doesn't object to a candidate having "a moral grounding"?

During the opening half-hour of today's Morning Joe, a clip was played of Mike Huckabee describing to a South Carolina gathering how he found his faith as a 10-year old attending a vacation Bible school. He expressed the hope that others had experienced that joy and would share it with others.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: The thing that I found is, if people don't get too down in the weeds about their faith, and don't seem like they're lecturing, then I think it gives people a sense of assurance: "OK, the guy's got a faith system; I'm comfortable with that, and now move on and tell me how you're going to run the country."

That seemed to put Mika Brzezinski on the defensive.

View video here.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I have no problem with a moral grounding. I don't!

BONUS COVERAGE: Mika Says Mike's In

A bit earlier, a clip was played of an interview of Rudy Giuliani from last evening in which, apropos of Mike Bloomberg, Mika put it to Rudy that "I've heard that this guy is in [the presidential race]." But when Joe and Mika chatted about the matter this morning, Brzezinski wasn't in a particularly collegial mood when it came to sharing her sources.

SCARBOROUGH: You're talking to somebody Mika . . . Who have you been talking to that knows that Mike Bloomberg is going to run for president?

BRZEZINSKI: Now why would I tell you that?

SCARBOROUGH: I mean you have been talking to people.

BRZEZINSKI: I have. There's a number of different sources leading me to believe, and some are convinced he's going to make an announcement in April.

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