Shuster: Hillary Will Hold Grudge Against Murdoch

To riff off the Alice Roosevelt Longworth line: if you don't have anything nice to say about Rupert Murdoch, go sit next to David Shuster. The MSNBCer and former Fox Newser has no love lost for his old employer.

Shuster's latest is that Hillary, she of long memory, will be holding a grudge against Murdoch, whose NewsCorp owns the New York Post and Fox News, for the unflattering coverage the Post gave Clinton in the closing days of the New Hampshire primary campaign.

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JOE SCARBOROUGH [hidden behind that NY Post front page]: I want to show you a couple of headlines here. We've been talking about this. Murdoch's papers went after her the past couple of days. I would guess that she probably doesn't feel too favorably towards him right now. You have some information on that.

DAVID SHUSTER: Yeah, I was talking to some Clinton supporters last night, some pretty key supporters, and they were saying that they have long been frustrated that Hillary Clinton has seemed to sometimes cozy up to Rupert Murdoch as he tries to sort of cover his bets over the last year. That she's very cordial to him and to Roger Ailes at Fox News. And these Clinton supporters were saying last night that Hillary Clinton is going to have a changed, a new sort of frame of reference toward Rupert Murdoch because they are convinced that the Clintons are going to see that Rupert Murdoch was essentially kicking her when the Murdoch empire felt that she was down with the sort of headline that you were just showing.

And they were suggesting that while it was a bad night for Barack Obama, that the person who's got the worst hangover right now is Rupert Murdoch. Because if Hillary Clinton goes on to win this thing, the Clinton people, who have very long memories for how the media treats them, are not going to forget that New York Post headline from yesterday and from Monday morning.

Mika Brzezinski chimed in approvingly: "absolutely right."

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