Work Nights, Eat Salt and Die

So that's why they call it "the graveyard shift."

There's little the MSM likes more than to report the latest thing that's bad for us. Today's news brings a double-header of doom: night shifts and salt.

First, the AP reports that the UN's World Health Organization will soon list working the night shift "as a 'probable' cause of cancer."

Then Reuters informs us that the Center for Science in the Public Interest, arguing that excessive salt in Americans' diets is a major factor in high blood pressure and increases risk for heart disease, is urging stricter regulation of salt by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

That guy munching some Fritos during his night-shift work break shouldn't count on making it home.

Michael Bloomberg already pushed NYC into banning trans-fats in restaurants. What's next? Perhaps Henry Waxman in a windbreaker bursting into a restaurant screaming "put down that salt shaker and move slowly away from the table. Do it now!"

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