Suddenly Conservative Keith Concerned Rudy Has 'Infidelity, Morality Issue'

Keith Olbermann: new Puritan? Perhaps.

Unless memory fails it's hard to recall Keith condemning Bill Clinton for his flings on grounds of morality. But when it comes to a Republican presidential candidate, has the Countdown host gone Cotton Mather on us?

Newsweek's Jonathan Alter was Olbermann's guest on this evening's Countdown to discuss the issue of Giuliani's accounting for the expenses of his security detail accompanying him on trips to Long Island, assertedly for purposes of visiting his then girlfriend and wife-to-be Judith Nathan.

View video here.

KEITH OLBERMANN: The other side effect of this, you just mentioned it, what people in New York took sort of took for granted which was this sturm and drang about Rudy and his women and basically firing his wife on TV, which he did. Is there a side-effect coming on this nationally, the "oh-yeah" effect? "Oh yeah, he has kind of an infidelity issue, a kind of morality issue."

So that's Olbermann's new standard? Infidelity is a significant fault in a presidential candidate? Good to know.

Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.