Conspiratorial Wink of the Hillary Plant

UPDATE, see below: Shuster says "watch the wink."

Sometimes, the smallest gestures are the most significant . . .

Have a look at the freeze-frame. It shows the moment at which the young woman in Iowa this weekend is retaking her seat after posing that planted question to Hillary about climate change. As you'll see, she's flashing someone a conspiratorial wink and smile. "Morning Joe" rolled the video of the moment at 6:43 and 7:01 AM ET today and MSNBC has been replaying throughout the day.

But for a driver's license and a wink, was a nomination was lost?

Video: Real (648 KB) or Windows (716 KB), plus MP3 (112 KB)

The video is a bit grainy but the wink is very visible when seen in TV quality. Hopefully MSNBC will post the clip.

Discussing the controversy on today's "Morning Joe," Mika Brzezinski tried floating the know-nothing defense on Hillary's behalf.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: OK, does she know about -- you guys, Pat [Buchanan] and Joe, help me out here. She's in on this?


BRZEZINSKI: I mean, come on. No, no, no!

UPDATE | 11-12 4:05 PM ET: Here's a brief, higher-quality video clip of the moment, making the wink and smile easier to see.

UPDATE | 11-12 5:40 PM ET: I don't imagine that David Shuster is a huge fan of this blog, but perhaps he does read it. At 5:38 PM ET, during his report on this afternoon's Hardball, Shuster played a specially-edited clip of the moment, zeroing in on the young woman's face, and invited viewers to "watch the wink."

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