Reid Letter: 'Today' Omits Mention of Rush's $2.1 Million Donation

Given his show's modest ratings, it's unlikely that Keith Olbermann would be in a position to make a multi-million dollar donation to charity anytime soon. But let's imagine he did. Do you think that, in a segment on a related subject, NBC might find a moment to mention Olbermann's generosity?

So do I.

But "Today" managed to get through its report this morning about Rush Limbaugh's auctioning off of the Harry Reid letter . . . without mentioning that Rush has publicly pledged to match the $2.1 million winning bid.

View video here.

Alison Stewart, who has on occasion subbed for Olbermann on "Countdown," did the newsreading honors. Here's the entirety of what she had to say:

ALISON STEWART: It is the priciest item ever sold on eBay. A letter, signed by 41 Democratic senators, criticizing talk show host Rush Limbaugh. It sold on eBay for over $2 million. It was sent to Clear Channel, the owner of Limbaugh's show, about his "phony soldier" comment. Limbaugh said he was taken out of context and put it up for auction. A charitable foundation bought it, and the money raised will go to children of the Marines.

I waited for Stewart's mention of Rush's matching donation, but it never came. As Rush stated on his show yesterday:

The Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, it's now official, is going to get in excess of $4.2 million because I am matching Betty Casey's bid [of $2.1 million] on eBay.

Could NBC possibly have been unaware of Limbaugh's contribution? Or do you suppose the network simply didn't want viewers to know of Rush's generosity?

Note: NBC's stingy coverage of Rush's generosity isn't the only MSM mishandling of the issue today. As Power Line points out, the New York Times story on the matter begins by misrepresenting Rush's original remark, regurgitating the Dem spin that "phony soldiers" was an allusion to all anti-war veterans. First sentence of Times story:

After Rush Limbaugh referred to Iraq war veterans critical of the war as “phony soldiers,” he received a letter of complaint signed by 41 Democratic senators.

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