LAT: Give State Scholarships to Illegals

With politicians and newspapers like they have in California, it's no wonder the state has become a magnet for millions of illegal immigrants. The latest lunacy? The legislature has enacted a bill giving illegals scholarships to state universities. And the Los Angeles Times predictably wants Gov. Schwarzenegger to sign it into law.

The so-called "California Dream Act" was cooked up by state Sen. Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles). In its editorial of today, "Make the Dream Reality," The Times plays lip service to the problem the law would create: "We understand the objections that arise when a society extends benefits to illegal immigrants that once were reserved solely for legal residents. The easier life becomes for those who crossed our borders illegally, the more incentive there is for others to follow."

Exactamundo. But wth its next breath the newspaper brushes off the very problem it identified:

These particular students generally had no choice but to emigrate with their parents, and they have persevered and performed well in school. Aren't these the immigrants we most want to encourage and support?

Doesn't the LAT understand that whether or not the student made a choice to enter the country illegally, the legislation would represent one more enticement for millions of adults to flout our immigration laws? And to answer the paper's question: no, we don't want immigrants who enter the country illegally, whether or not they qualify for college.

Bill Clinton used to like to say that he was representing the interests of people who "play by the rules." The new crop of liberals want to share the taxpayers' wealth even with those who flout the rules. This is a perversion of the American Dream that the Times and the legislature pretend to promote.

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