MSNBC Republican: Scarborough Wants to 'Write a Campaign Check' to Bob Kerrey

Joe Scarborough: MSNBC's kind of Republican. The sort who not only tells a Democrat he's "very badly" needed in Washington. Who not merely expresses the desire to write him a campaign check. But who even volunteers [tongue-in-cheek, one would hope] to do illegal check-bundling for him a la Norman Hsu.

After recently putting in an embarrassingly sycophantish performance when interviewing Hillary Clinton, Scarborough was back ingratiating himself with another Dem today. Interviewing former Nebraska senator Bob Kerrey on "Morning Joe," talk inevitably turned to the possibility of Kerrey seeking a Senate seat again. Scarborough waxed wildly enthusiastic.

View video here.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: We need you in Washington very badly, and I say that as a Republican who would probably -- boy am I going to get into trouble because probably one my friends is going to run against him -- would like to write you a campaign check, if I can do that.

BOB KERREY: Now I know why I always say yes to come on your show.

SCARBOROUGH: I'm actually told I can't do that. But my wife is a really big fan. I'll give you my address afterwards. And I've got a couple of cousins, and as we always say in northwest Florida, you've got a lot of fans who are huntin' dogs, too. So I'm the bundler for Bob Kerrey.

NOTE: If queried, I'm guessing Scarborough would defend his position on the theory that Kerrey is a "moderate" Dem. Nuh-uh. His American Conservative Union rating from his last time in the Senate? 7%! That's 73 points lower than Chuck Hagel's rating. Thirty-points more liberal than even super-ex-RINO Lincoln Chaffee!

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