Hillary Soliciting Questions to Ask Ellen Degeneres

That Hillary Clinton -- what a card!

According to an email I've received from her campaign, the intrepid Hillary is venturing into the lion's den, with TV appearances scheduled tonight on Letterman and September 4 on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Daring stuff!

In any case, according to the email:

Ellen is soliciting questions from her viewers to ask of Hillary, and we want to turn it around on her. So if you have a question for Hillary to ask Ellen, submit it here.

Such a prankster, that Hillary. Wild 'n crazy stuff!

Sure, go ahead and submit a question to Hillary. But keep it clean, and remember, you'll be adding yourself to Hillary's email list, so expect to receive lots of future fundraising solicitations.

For that matter, within those keep-it-clean-guidelines, why not let us know here what your question from Hillary to Ellen would be?

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