Cheney Story Gone to the Dogs

"They say that all good things must end, someday,
"Autumn leaves must fall,
"But don't you know, that it hurts me so,
"To say goodbye to you
"Wish you didn't have to go
"No no no no." - A Summer Song, Chad & Jeremy

Yes, it was so beautiful for the MSM while it lasted.  Seemingly endless days beneath sunny South Texas skies, filled with breathless stories of possible White House cover-ups, press secretaries under the gun, earnest doctors displaying models of damaged hearts, why, even talk of the Vice-President having to step down under fire.

But the first hint that the beautiful affair could be ending came two days ago when Mr. Cheney had an earnest meeting with another man, that suave Brit Hume. Then the president announced he was satisfied with the account of the matter.  And finally those party poopers at the sheriff's office had to announce yesterday that the case was closed with no charges filed.

Oh sure, there was time for one last moment of passion with Alan Dershowitz, but when the thrill is gone . . .

And so it was that while the morning shows dutifully ran their pieces on the story this morning, their hearts were no longer really in it. 

The Cheney stories had been dominating the entire first half-hour. You know it's over when by 7:13 the Today show was running an extended piece about . . . a lost dog.  That's right.  Vivi the whippet, who had recently appeared at the Westminster Kennel Show in NYC, somehow slipped her earthly bonds and was running free in the wilds surrounding Kennedy airport.  An expert gave advice if Vivi is spotted:

"Kneel down, get down low, and just call her name, and don't chase her at all.  Cause you'll never catch her."

Ah, metaphor . . .

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Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein
Mark Finkelstein is a contributing editor for NewsBusters.