Couric: "It's Not As If OBL Is Reading The New York Times, Is It?"

Just as our intelligence experts' parsing of the OBL tape may uncover hidden clues, so does a careful deconstruction of comments this morning by Katie Couric yield important insights into her MSM mindset.

Couric was interviewing Peter Bergen, British author of "The Osama Bin Laden I Know." At one point, Katie had this to say:

"He talks about President Bush in the tape and he says he's foolish for ignoring the poll numbers that indicate the American people want him to pull out of Iraq. How do you think he's keeping abreast of all this. It's sort of odd, isn't it? Is he just paying attention to Al-Jazeera? It's not as if he's reading the New York Times, is it?"

Oh, I don't know, Katie. Perhaps Osama is a Today show fan. After all, Today never fails to trumpet any dip in W's polls or indications of pro-withdrawal sentiment among the American people.

In any case, it's evident that for Couric, the New York Times remains the paper of record, the 'all the news that's fit to print' gold standard for obtaining the news and views of the day. Katie, many of us have moved on!

Oh, and by the way, a careful review of the tape of Couric's interview suggests she might be holed up in a cave, albeit a well-appointed one, on Rockefeller Plaza.

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