CNN Wants Feedback About Bias Against Conservatives at Colleges

CNN Headline News wants to know what you think about the question “Do conservative thinkers face a bias on college campuses?” On the October 1 broadcast of “Prime News," correspondent Mike Galanos interviewed “Indoctrinate U” filmmaker Evan Coyne Maloney about the silencing of conservative thought at colleges, and at the end of the segment asked for viewers to email their opinions and personal stories.

Someone in the media is listening and wants to hear personal stories and opinions about conservatives facing a bias in colleges. Take Galanos up on his offer, and email “Prime News” or send a video.

Galanos said it caught his attention to learn that teachers at universities and colleges in the US are 72% liberal and only 15% conservative. That statistic is from a study featured in “Indoctrinate U,” and the general numbers are backed up by other studies and even students tallying voter registration rolls.

The response might be a little light because as of 9:30 pm EST, the “Prime News” website didn't show anything about the segment or even post the question, meaning the only people who would respond are those who saw the interview. There isn't even anything in the “Get to the Point” area about the issue or the segment.

This show encourages feedback and viewer participation, and someone in the media is showing interest in a subject long ignored. Now is the chance to be heard. If you have had a personal experience with liberal bias in college, or just have an opinion, let Headline News know about it.

Email "Prime News" here.

Lynn is a contributor to NewsBusters. Contact her at tvisgoodforyou2 AT yahoo DOT com

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