Jon Stewart Pokes Fun At Hillary Interview Hype

In a startling display of bipartisan humor, Jon Stewart made fun of both CNN and Fox's over-hyped "exclusive" interviews with Hillary Clinton on the June 18 edition of The Daily Show. Stewart noted how CNN ridiculously took the time to set the stage and “introduce the chairs” before the interview. 

In a later bit, the Comedy Central host played a montage of all the times Hillary promoted the title of her book Hard Choices by cleverly weaving it into her answers to her interviewers. [See video below]

It is always refreshing to see Jon Stewart take a break from his usual snide left-wing rhetoric to poke fun at the Hillary hype he and his liberal media counterparts love to indulge in. Maybe he could try it more often.

See transcript below:

Comedy Central
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
June 18, 2014
11:05 p.m. Eastern
1 minute and 4 seconds

JON STEWART: Well let’s hope CNN doesn’t make the same mistake by over hyping their exclusive.

BRIANNA KEILAR: We wanted to give you a little look behind the scenes as we get ready for this event. We're putting finishing touches here on the set. Christiane Amanpour will be sitting right here. Hillary Clinton, she will be sitting right here. This is the hot seat.

STEWART: Honey, get in here. Honey! Honey, get in here, they're introducing the chairs. Honey! You're going to miss it. Hurry up. They're introducing... You said you were going to tape it? Well, I'm sure the interview lived up to the hype and was not I any way a one-hour infomercial for whatever it is her book is called.

ARMANPOUR: Should the United States do military, go in with Iran, that's hard choice, but  should they do that?

HILLARY CLINTON: It's a very hard choice. I write a whole chapter about Syria in my book Hard Choices. These are difficult, hard choices. We make hard choices. Hard choices, hard choices.

Laura Flint
Laura Flint is a 2014 summer intern for the MRC's News Analysis Division.