ABC News Deputy Political Director Takes Communications Gig With Far-left SEIU

The revolving door of political journalism underscores the brazen liberalism of today's newsrooms -- 15 former journalists now populate the Obama administration. And though taking a job in such a far left administration demonstrates journalists' overwhelming liberal politics, ABC News's deputy political director Teddy Davis has managed to raise the bar.

Davis announced yesterday his intention to leave ABC, and said he will be "working with the SEIU team on their political campaigns and policy agenda." The Service Employees International Union, of course, is a group of liberal shock troops who recently tried--and failed--to field far left candidates in an effort to defeat centrist Democrats.

So while some journalists have gone to bat for the Executive, Davis has managed to one-up virtually all of them in accepting a gig with one of the most partisan and thuggish groups on the political scene.

The Washington Examiner's Mark Hemingway notes just how far to the left Davis must be.

It's one thing to be liberal or Democratic, but being down with the SEIU's political agenda? Anyone who truly understands card check legislation and can defend it as good for the country is pretty out there. In any event, this helps explain why the media is largely uninterested in reporting on the SEIU and how the union's officers are robbing their members blind.

Politico's Ben Smith thinks "the hire is a sign that SEIU's new leadership intends to keep its large Washington footprint." But it is also a sign that the union is keeping up relations with traditional newsrooms--hardly surprising, given some of its latest antics.