Reformed Radical Blasts MSM for Ignoring Threat of Leftist Violence

Former leftist agitator Brandon Darby took the mainstream media to task today for toeing the administration line on supposed right-wing violence while ignoring the leftists who actually pose a threat to the nation's security.

Few know the measures political violence better than Darby (pictured right). He spent years as a radical leftist/anarchist, espousing hatred for the United States and advocating violent revolution. Eventually he realized the error of his ways, became an FBI informant, and helped foil a plot to bomb the 2008 Republican National Convention. So he knows a thing or two about radical, violent leftists.

What are his thoughts on the media's coverage of recent political violence (and the lack thereof)? He wrote at Big Government today that "the Mainstream media is currently peddling the Obama Administration myth that patriotic Americans, many of whom have served in our military or who otherwise have an American flag hanging proudly in their front yards, pose a grave threat to our nation’s security."

While the media is focused on the non-threat of "right-wing violence," Darby added, "leftists … support convicted cop-killers, organize to prevent other Americans from exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights, consistently threaten violence, and otherwise have a long history of supporting foreign powers who wish our nation and its freedoms harm."

He goes on to give an insider's account of the very real threat of violence from leftist groups -- you know, the one the media isn't really interested in.

Former President Bill Clinton, recently claimed that anti-government rhetoric from the Tea-Partiers concerned him and could lead the way to violence. Has Mr. Clinton ever looked at the websites of the Far-Left? They have, where the latest “communiques” from the Earth Liberation Front (ELF)  can be read by all of the nation’s underground and covert “cells.” Or what about the sites which are sprouting up in most cities?

Did Mr. Clinton not know that all of the latest Animal Liberation Front (ALF) “communiques” can be read there?  Does Mr. Clinton and the folks at MSNBC realize that the majority of the Left believes in and use the term “GreenScare.” This is a Leftist buzzword which is used to defend Eco-Terrorists, like the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), and Animal Rights terrorists, like the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). It’s meant to tie the FBI’s efforts to stop such domestic terrorism with Mccarthyism.

Let’s get our history straight on the Left in America. The 1960’s and 1970’s were dangerous times for our nation. There were various Black Nationalist groups who stated very clearly in both word and action that they intended to overthrow the US government. They worked with foreign powers to do just that. They murdered police officers. They kidnapped the children of wealthy Americans. They hijacked commercial airliners and forced them to land in Cuba. They set off explosives. They saw themselves as part of a global struggle for “peace and justice.”

The FBI nuetralized them and prevented them from committing further acts of violence. Those who did not die in shootouts with law-enforcement officers were mostly incarcerated for their crimes…

It’s just a matter of time before the Left begins to emulate their heroes- and the killing begins again. They are a ticking time bomb.

Given Darby's unique and inspiring story, perhaps the media should pay attention. Few know better the threat of left-wing extremists than a former left-wing extremist.