'Today' Show Guest's Bizarre Gratuitous Shot at Karl Rove Goes Unchallenged

Appearing on Monday's NBC Today, lawyer Robert Sheehan, one of the defense attorneys for former murder suspect Lois Goodman, managed to attack GOP strategist Karl Rove while asserting that the charges recently dropped against Goodman would not be re-filed: "Anybody who thinks that this case is gonna be reopened can go count votes with Karl Rove in Ohio."

Co-host Matt Lauer didn't seem fazed at all by the gratuitous slam of Rove that had no connection to the topic at hand.

Here is a transcript of the December 3 exchange:

7:36AM ET

MATT LAUER: The arrest made headlines around the world, a professional tennis referee accused of murdering her own husband with a coffee cup. Now the charges against her have been suddenly dropped, and she's here to speak out in a live interview...


7:40AM ET

LAUER: But I'm a little confused by something, and Mrs. Goodman, maybe you can help me out. Do you believe, and do you believe, that prosecutors now believe this was an accident, that in fact your husband did fall down the stairs, or do they believe that a coffee cup was used to kill him but perhaps someone else was responsible?

LOIS GOODMAN: Well, I have no way of answering. I don't know what they're thinking.


LAUER: Mr. Sheehan, do you have any clue on that?

ROBERT SHEEHAN [ATTORNEY]: Minimally there's reasonable doubt in everybody's mind. In our mind, there's factual innocence, end of story. Anybody who thinks that this case is gonna be reopened can go count votes with Karl Rove in Ohio.


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