NBC's Gregory Grills Christie: How Are Republicans 'Culpable' in Washington 'Paralysis'?

Worried that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was being too critical of President Obama on Sunday's Meet the Press, moderator David Gregory attempted to steer the discussion toward bashing Republicans: "Where have Republicans been culpable for the paralysis in Washington? You've spoken about the President....what role do Republicans play?"

Christie hit back, placing the burden for compromise back on Obama: "...my point to Republicans has been to you've got to force those conversations. Now if the President's not interested in having them, and if he's not interested in developing those relationships, then there's little the Republicans can do."

Now compare Gregory's question about GOP culpability with this question about the President's upcoming State of the Union address: "What do you think the President could say that would surprise Republicans and galvanize Republicans to try to work with him on something substantial, even though it's an election year?"

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So while Republicans are the cause of government "paralysis" in Gregory's mind, the NBC host is wondering how Obama will get them to cooperate.

Turning to Christie's governing of New Jersey, Gregory demanded to know how the Governor could "afford" to cut taxes in the state: "...remember the, the, the federal state tunnel project which you were opposed to, you said, 'Look, we're broke in New Jersey.' And now you're calling for a 10 percent cut in income tax, would cost the state $300 million a year over three years. Why can you afford that?"

Read the transcript of the January 22 exchange.

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