Breaking News on CBS 'Early Show': Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Will Have Porcelain Port-a-Potties!

Elaine Quijano, CBS Friday's CBS Early Show devoted a six-minute segment in its 7:30AM ET half hour to the Saturday wedding of Chelsea Clinton. Correspondent Elaine Quijano reported on the event having "Eva Longoria's florist" and "presidential party planners." Entertainment Tonight correspondent Diane Dimond added: "...they have porcelain port-a-potties for all of the guests....with music piped in."

Dimond went on to mention how the guest list would feature Hollywood liberals like Barbara Streisand and Steven Spielberg. Concluding her report, Quijano declared: "Now tonight the rehearsal dinner is reportedly set to take place nearby, at the 500-plus acre Grasmere estate. We are told, Harry, that guests will dine in an old stone barn overlooking a bucolic pastoral setting....they're being asked to wear country chic." The segment did not raise any questions about the over-the-top extravagance of the affair, which is estimated to cost a few million dollars.

The Saturday Early Show plans to go even further in its coverage, featuring a special titled 'A Chelsea Morning' to commemorate the wedding.

After Quijano's Friday Early Show report, co-host Harry Smith discussed further wedding details with Daily Beast senior correspondent Rebecca Dana and editor-at-large Lloyd Grove. Speaking of Chealsea Clinton, Smith observed: "...she has been basically shielded from this and now we cannot get enough of whatever is happening behind the scenes." Dana replied: "We're eating it all up, yeah." She then remarked: "...mother and father Clinton, seem to be taking this very seriously, attacking it with the same vigor that they've attacked their political careers."  

Here is a full transcript of Quijano's July 30 report:

7:30AM ET

HARRY SMITH: But first, tomorrow's the big day for Chelsea Clinton and her fiancee Marc Mezvinsky. And never mind the guest list. There is rampant speculation about everything from designers to dollars and everything in between. CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano has the story.

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: The Big Day; All Eyes on Chelsea Clinton Wedding]

ELAINE QUIJANO: A trench coat-clad Chelsea Clinton was spotted outside her Manhattan gym on Thursday, just days before she'll don a designer wedding gown. Whether Oscar de La Renta or Vera Wang is still in question. But it's clear the ultimate power couple is planning the ultimate wedding for their only child. Details about what kind of wedding more than $2 million can buy? Eva Longoria's florist, presidential party planners, and-

DIANE DIMOND [ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT]: Well, they have porcelain port-a-potties for all of the guests at the rehearsal dinner and the wedding.

QUIJANO: Port-a-potties?

DIMOND: Porcelain port-a-potties with music piped in.

QUIJANO: President Obama says he didn't make the guest list, but for good reason.

BARACK OBAMA: You don't want two presidents at a wedding.

QUJANO: Who is on this guest list?

DIMOND: Well, 'Entertainment Tonight' has confirmed that Barbara Streisand is coming, Steven Spielberg, among many others.

QUIJANO: In downtown Rhinebeck, the uninvited guests, the media, have definitely arrived. Giving the small town some welcome attention.

UNIDENTIFIED GIRL [RHINEBECK RESIDENT]: She could choose any town in the whole world but she decided to choose this little town.

QUIJANO: Amid the celebration, poignant moments of reflection for the father of the groom, Edward Mezvinsky.

EDWARD MEZVINSKY: They are strong, wonderful, loving, caring, and sensitive human beings.

QUIJANO: Now, some of the wedding guests are expected to stay here at the historic Beekman Arms Inn behind me. They could be arriving, of course, today. We'll be keeping a very close eye on the situation here, Harry. Now tonight the rehearsal dinner is reportedly set to take place nearby, at the 500-plus acre Grasmere estate. We are told, Harry, that guests will dine in an old stone barn overlooking a bucolic pastoral setting. And Harry, they're being asked to wear country chic.

SMITH: Country chic. Elaine Quijano in Rhinebeck this morning, thank you very much.

Kyle Drennen
Kyle Drennen
Kyle Drennen is the Senior News Analyst for MRC