Greg Gutfeld Blasts 'Hypocrites' in Media for Supporting Trump: Never Was an ‘Ideological Conservative’

On Thursday night’s The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly and The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld discussed the fact that conservatives on talk radio are split on whether or not they support Donald Trump.

Gutfeld called out some talk radio hosts for being “opportunists” when it comes to supporting the GOP frontrunner, after years of calling people “RINOS” for not being “pure” enough for the party.

After O’Reilly asked Gutfeld why talk radio wasn’t in the typical “lock-step” in their attitudes toward a potential Republican presidential nominee, Gutfeld responded:

GUTFELD: There is an interesting thing going on. Right now there is fear. A lot of people who listen to talk radio support Donald Trump. So they had to walk that fine line. But,what drove me crazy about conservatives in the media in general is the opportunism. You have conservatives that have spent five, six years calling people “rinos” and “squishys”. Because they were not pure enough. And what do they do? Back somebody who is not ideologically conservative. In a weird way they are the hypocrites and they have no right to call out other people who are critical of someone they don't know enough about. An ideological conservative should be skeptical of Donald Trump because they don't know exactly what he might do because for the past 15 to 20 years he certainly wasn't a conservative.

Watch the exchange below:

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