NBC’s Las Vegas Takes Dirty Swipe at Rush Limbaugh

"It hotter than Rush Limbaugh's scrotum in polyester pant!"

For an episode focused on prostitutes, robbery, and bowling, the executives at NBC still managed to insult conservative Rush Limbaugh. Last Friday’s episode of Las Vegas had the casino spa's manicurist Polly, known for her racy sexual commentary, taking a yoga class. Her instructor warns her against drinking too much water, and the writers seemed to feel that the only way to accurately describe the heat in the room was to take a cheap political shot. The exchange:

TRAINER: If you drink any more water, Polly, you're gonna throw up. Do you wanna throw up?

POLLY: No, but it hotter than Rush Limbaugh's scrotum in polyester pant!

Video clip from the October 5 episode (15 secs): Real (500 KB) or Windows Media (575 KB), plus MP3 audio (90 KB)

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