How Low Will the Pro-Abortionists Go?

How about an "interview" with Bristol Palin's unborn baby?

And how about the "interview" "revealing" that the baby would rather be aborted?

No, I'm really not kidding.

You'll find this bottom-of-the-barrel slime at (H/t to Jill Stanek for bringing this to light.)

Here's just a sample of what "the fetus" says:

Everybody makes a big deal out of the fetus. Like we're some magical Jesusy icon of purity and blessing instead of a half-baked bag of zygotal accident. I'll be straight with you: I want nothing to do with being born.

As much as I hate to drive people to this web site, you have to read this for yourself to fully grasp the depravity.

Be warned the "interview" is laced with profanity, compliments of "the fetus" of course.


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