Biden Angered At Philly Anchors During Tough Interview-UPDATE: CBS 3 Philly Denies Reports on 'Banning'

 ***UPDATE: See Below The Fold

CBS 3 Philadelphia interviewed Senator Joe Biden last Thursday, and he was none too pleased with the line of questioning.

Co-anchors Chris May and Angela Russell asked about Barack Obama's "spreading the wealth" remark and about a Washington Times report concerning Biden campaign cash donations going to Biden family members for campaign services.

Like the most recent interview with Orlando's WFTV's Barbara West, Biden is visibly annoyed and blows off questions as nonsense.:

BIDEN: Whoa whoa, slow up here old're getting this mixed up here with all due respect. This is apples and oranges.

RUSSELL: Obama talks about spreading the wealth around and everyone does better that that not kind of being a socialist... That's what your accusers are saying here.

BIDEN: No, No, No

RUSSELL: And wouldn't they just pass that on to the consumer?

BIDEN: Absolutely not...absolutely not.

RUSSELL: Well please explain that.

BIDEN: Absolutely not.

Biden's response seems typical of him, when he is forced to deal with difficult questions. Trying to discredit the interviewer and making the question look silly, in fact, was a tactic the Clinton administration mastered.

Unfortunately, an Obama/Biden administration is more than likely to be no different.

***UPDATE: CBS 3 Philadelphia spokeswoman Shelley Hoffman has denied any reports to that their station has been banned from the Obama/Biden campaign media list.

Kerry Picket is an associate producer with the Media Research Center's