MTV VMA Host Bashes Palin Family While Endorsing Obama

The MTV Video Music Awards show was as predictable as watching Keith Olbermann or Chris Matthews do their broadcast. Other than celebrating its 25th anniversary and giving Britney Spears a possible opportunity for a comeback, the program was chock full of insults towards conservatives by the show’s emcee, U.K. comedian Russell Brand.  As a former MTV staffer, I was surprised by the selection of such an obscure individual to emcee the program.

By the audience reaction, Brand knew he was considered a “nobody” here in the United States, so his immediate course of action was to go political to try and endear himself to the MTV audience:

As a representative of the global community…a visitor from abroad…I don’t want to come across a little bit biased, but could I please ask of you, people of America, please elect Barack Obama, please...on behalf of the world. Some people… some people, I think they’re called racists, say America is not ready for a black president, but I know America to be a forward thinking country, because otherwise would you have let that retarded thinking cowboy fellow to be president for eight years? We were very impressed. It was nice of you to let him have a go, because in England George Bush would not be trusted with a pair of scissors. Very sweet of ya’

Brand continued to make sexual references to Sarah Palin while embarrassing her daughter Bristol and her fiancé Levi Johnston.

What is particularly disturbing is Palin’s children are the demographic of the MTV audience, so the jabs about Bristol’s pregnancy and her fiancé, Johnston, were seen by many of their school friends. 

For a European entertainer, breaking into the American market is a huge dream. Brand was booked on to seemingly his first major U.S. venue.

However, he may have really blown his chances with fame in the United States. What kind of European entertainer comes to America and starts insulting half of the electorate? This could only be a “nobody" with no sense.

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