Brian Williams Thinks Pulled Pork Is a Texas BBQ Tradition, Apparently

OK, so this isn't bias, but it is a funny little gaffe. Apparently New Jersey native Brian Williams thinks pulled pork is a Texas barbecue delicacy. It's not. Texas BBQ is known for beef brisket.

For her part, it appears fellow MSNBCer Rachel Maddow, who hails from California, quickly and politely corrected him.

Williams made the slip up shortly before 9:30 Eastern tonight as he joked that Chris Matthews, who's in the Lone Star State, should "help a brother out" and "please FedEx some pulled pork, some cornbread, and beans. I'd appreciate it."

"The brisket apparently is what we needed (?) today, yeah," Maddow replied.

Watch the video below. Oh, and if you can make out what Maddow said in full, I'd greatly appreciate it.




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