Perplexed That You Can't Vote in Texas Using... Out-of-State Driver's License for ID?!

The folks at are absolutely confounded that a new Texas voter ID law does NOT permit the usage of out-of-state driver's licenses to establish one's identity for voting. 

"Even an out-of-state driver's license is not an acceptable form of ID under the law," whines a caption for an item on the network's Facebook page, promoting an article by Zachary Roth about a federal lawsuit challenging the Lone Star State's law. I found this on my Facebook page earlier this afternoon. As you can see in the screen capture below the page break, the network actually paid money to promote this particular post as sponsored content. 

Gee, why would a state NOT allow out-of-state IDs for voting? Could it be about, oh, I dunno, establishing proof of residency? Nah, it has to be a nefarious, and probably racist plot by those evil Republicans!

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