VIDEO | Terry Moran to MRCTV: Don't Like ABC Ignoring IRS, VA Scandals? There Are Other 'Places [You] Can Get That'

Insisting that he's really been out of the domestic news loop, ABC News Supreme Court correspondent Terry Moran told Dan Joseph of NewsBusters sister site this morning that he was in northern Iraq the past few weeks and wasn't really aware of his network's recent decisions to ignore stunning new developments in the IRS and VA scandals. What's more, he suggested, if folks really care about news regarding the IRS scandal, well, there are other places to go besides ABC.

"You know, the news judgment of every network and of every person is different," Moran offered. "I understand that for some people, that's a hugely crucial issue, and there are places that they can get that," he added. The former Nightline host then tried to establish distance from the network's story selection process before insisting he was out of pocket anyway because he was overseas. [watch the full exchange below the page break]

"I don't manage the news but my guess is, on the days that it was happening, I dunno, I was in Iraq, as I said," Moran explained, conceding,"You want ABC to cover a certain set of stories, and I respect that."

But ABC had air time for a story about a pregnant woman running in a track heat and yet could not be bothered to report troubling new developments in the VA scandal, Joseph retorted. 

"I'm hearing what you're saying, and I'm hearing your passion for a different news judgment. Good for you," Moran snidely shot back.

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Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd
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