NBC's Russert Wishes Americans Had 'Mindset' That Soda and Chips Are as Bad as Cigarettes

NBC News's Luke Russert is a self-described former "addict to carbohydrates" who lost a lot of weight when he cut back heavily on added sugars in his diet. Now, apparently, he thinks his epiphany about junk food needs to take root all across the fruited plain.

"I now look at one of those supersize Cokes and a bag of chips like I would cigarettes, so that mindset needs to be all around America,"  Russert enthused on the June 2 MSNBC program The Cycle. The substitute co-host made the pronouncement as he thanked his guest Ellen Gustafson, a self-described "sustainable food system activist," for coming on the program to promote her book "We the Eaters: If We Change Dinner, We Can Change the World." [Listen to MP3 audio here; watch the video below]

To be fair to Russert, his comment doesn't necessarily mean that he favors sin taxes on soda or sugar or other regulatory government measures to try to slim down Americans. That said, it is an interesting insight into the holier-than-thou attitude many liberal journalists have about the lives and habits of their fellow Americans.

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