MSNBC's Roberts Gets Promoted... to 'Morning Joe' Contributor Plus 5:30 a.m. Slot

MSNBC president Phil Griffin announced this morning that 11 a.m. anchor Thomas Roberts would be getting a new year's promotion... to the 5:30 a.m. Eastern program, Way Too Early, the lead-in to Morning Joe. Roberts will vacate his present MSNBC Live gig but also be awarded a regular contributor slot on the Morning Joe panel.

“This is a very exciting opportunity and right in line with my career goals and aspirations,” Roberts was quoted in an story, adding:

I really admire what Joe, Mika, Willie and Brian have built with "Morning Joe" and "Way Too Early." I am flattered to join this morning family. I also appreciate Phil’s faith in me and can’t wait to get started.

As regular readers of NewsBusters are well aware, Roberts, an openly-gay reporter with a male spouse, has a significant track record in pushing issues of concern to the liberal gay rights community, particularly the push for "marriage equality" -- the legalizing of same-sex marriage.

He is however an all-around team player in pushing the MSNBC line on pretty much every issue, and clearly his loyalty is being rewarded with a coveted recurring slot on Morning Joe.

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