Daily Beast Cheers Wendy Davis Raising $1.2-million Off of Pro-Abortion Filibuster

Earlier today in their "cheat sheet" digest of "must-reads," the Daily Beast hailed as "worth it" Texas State Senator Wendy Davis's hours-long, but ultimately unsuccessful filibuster against a measure that toughened abortion clinic regulations and outlawed late term abortions in the Lone Star State. [see screen capture below]

The linked item in the digest is a Politico story about Davis raking in $1.2 million, mostly in small-dollar donations, since her 11-hour-long filibuster. While that's nothing to sneeze at for an otherwise obscure state senator with long-shot odds of winning the 2014 governors race, it's still a drop in the bucket against Republican Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

It's unsurprising that Davis raked in quite a bit following a wave of adoring media, but the question is can she sustain interest in the long haul. I'm suspecting not, and I don't expect the media will cover her campaign much further if she does flame out rather than glow brighter.

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