Politico Takes Cheeky Swipe at GW Bush with Headline 'People Surprised I Can Read'

Politico's Kevin Robillard published a short piece this morning about former president George W. Bush and how he "is glad his paintings are confounding his critics." You may recall that last month when Bush family email accounts were hacked and private correspondence was published online, it was discovered that the 43rd chief executive of the United State has taken to painting and that, for an amateur who's just started at it, he's actually pretty good.

Citing an interview that Bush gave the Dallas Morning News, Robillard noted that the former president says he takes "great delight in bursting stereotypes" and snarked that "people are surprised" that he took up painting but then again, "some people are surprised I can even read." That was, of course, a swipe at hard-left critics who revel in mocking Bush's intelligence, but Politico editors decided to go the juvenile route and use it as a headline.

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