WashPost Columnist Slams Komen As 'Bully', But Her Own Paper Reports Anti-Komen Bullying by Left

In her Metro section column today, Washington Post's Petula Dvorak complained that The Susan G. Komen Foundation was "the biggest bully on the playground this week" with the cancer charity's decision to end grants to Planned Parenthood.

But oddly enough, Dvorak's own paper, in a front-page story no less, reported numerous incidents which show that Komen itself is the victim of bullying as various groups are ending or threatening to end their relationship with Komen in retaliation:

Komen’s San Diego affiliate increased its security after receiving threatening e-mails about the new funding policy, even though it does not fund its local Planned Parenthood. Executive director Laura Farmer Sherman said she personally received nearly 400 e-mails on the subject — two in favor of the new policy and 386 against it.

She said she has lost two sponsors for its Race for the Cure next fall.

“The sad thing about this is it’s detracted from what our real mission is, which is the same as Planned Parenthood, which is to save women’s lives,” she said.

The decision has prompted some groups to reconsider or drop their affiliation with Komen, while others are praising Komen for their stance.

A Yale University spokesman said the School of Public Health is reviewing its decision to have Brinker speak at this year’s commencement.

The District-based American Association of University Women, a national women’s advocacy group with 1,000 branches across the country, said Thursday that it would no longer collaborate with Komen. The AAUW said it would not list Komen among the community service opportunities available to the 600 college women expected to attend the AAUW’s annual leadership conference in June. The headquarters office will also no longer sponsor Washington teams in the Race for the Cure and expects its branches to follow suit, said Lisa Maatz, the AAUW’s director of public policy and government relations.

As I learned while writing this post, Komen has reversed itself and will continue funding grants to Planned Parenthood. has apologized and amended part of its new criteria to note that grantees must be under criminal investigation to warrant the pulling of a grant, not merely congressional investigations.

Nonetheless, it seems the left-wing bully known as the liberal media has won another victory.

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