WashPost Spin on Komen Defunding Planned Parenthood: 'Women's Groups Feud'

"Women's groups feud over abortion."

That's how Washington Post headline editors titled a brief AP story regarding the Susan G. Komen cancer charity opting to end its relationship with Planned Parenthood.  The four-paragraph AP item appeared in the February 1 page A3 national news digest.

"The result is a bitter rift, linked to the national abortion debate, between two organizations that have assisted millions of women," the AP lamented.

Of course, the Komen for the Cure charity is dedicated to fighting a major killer of American women, while roughly half of Planned Parenthood's abortion carnage is unborn baby girls.

How's that for moral equivalency by the liberal media?

The Komen grants "went to at least 19 Planned Parenthood affiliates for breast cancer screening and related services," the AP item noted, failing to mention that Planned Parenthood merely refers women for mammograms, which, can, of course, be quite costly without insurance.

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