MSNBC's Hyper-Partisan Bashir: You May Need a Bath After Watching Tonight's GOP Debate

Playing off of Newt Gingrich's applause line that Occupy protesters need to "go get a job right after [they] take a bath," MSNBC anchor Martin Bashir introduced two liberal guests on his eponymous program to pre-game tonight's Republican debate on CNN by grousing that, "Indeed, a bath is exactly what you may need after watching tonight's Republican debate on foreign policy."

"Here to help us perform a pre-debate ceremonial cleansing are MSNBC contributor and Democratic strategist Krystal Ball and Michael Eric Dyson, scholar, author and professor at Georgetown University," Bashir added.

Yesterday, Bashir's colleague Thomas Roberts complained that Gingrich's line was "toxic language" that could "end up ultimately backfiring" by turning off centrist voters.

Perhaps the British-born Bashir doesn't seem concerned that his gratuitous comments about the GOP candidates will backfire since the network is determined to appeal only to those already firmly on the left side of the political spectrum.

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