Time's Klein: 'Hilarious' to Say 'Centrist' Obama Employing Class Warfare

Someone please tell Joe Klein that it's Halloween, not April Fools' Day.

The Time columnist held forth on the magazine's Swampland blog on Friday that it's "hilarious" of Republican critics to slam President Obama for deploying class warfare. After all, on economic policy, the president is "as centrist if you can get."

In fact, Klein huffed, President Obama may be as conservative as Ronald Reagan:

[I]n fact, Obama stands to the right of Ronald Reagan on issues like entitlement reform: no other President of either party has proposed raising the retirement age for Medicare.

You mean the same president who refused to run with the recommendations of his own bipartisan deficit reduction commission, Joe?

"What Obama is supporting are not policies that divide America, especially on the major economic issues, but a sane, moderate program of action that a significant majority of Americans favor," Klein insisted, concluding that "To ask the President not to support those policies, as forcefully as he can, defies not only reason and best politicial [sic] practices, but also the best interests of this country."

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