WaPo: New Regs In Va. Will Make It Harder for Blacks, Hispanics to Abort Babies

Today's Washington Post devoted an 8-paragraph editorial to slamming "Virginia's abortion end run," worrying that "poor African Americans and Hispanics" in the Old Dominion will have a harder go of killing their unborn children thanks to recently-issued Board of Health regulations on the state's abortion clinics.

[Last Friday, you may recall, Post staffer Anita Kumar gave readers a skewed portrayal of the hearing in which the regs were adopted.]

"It's already hard to get an abortion in Virginia," the Post complained in the first paragraph, "and it's about to get much harder."

The Post editorial board blamed the new "absurdly onerous and utterly unnecessary" abortion clinic regulations on "conservative ideologues in Richmond" although half of former Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine's Board of Health appointees voted FOR the new regulations and a recent poll shows 55 percent of Virginia voters favor abortion clinics being regulated in a fashion similar to hospitals.

"The new regulatory regime provides antiabortion activists a shameful victory and an end run around a procedure deemed a constitutional right under the law of the land," the Post groused, shamefully overlooking the right to life of the Commonwealth of Virginia's most defenseless persons.

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