Obama Pines for the Days of Pre-blog Monolithic Mainstream Media

Charlie Spiering of the Beltway Confidential blog for the Washington Examiner yesterday noted how President Obama is pining for the days of monolithic media, when Americans all watched, and trusted, liberal anchor Walter Cronkite :


While President Obama was in Iowa, he was asked about the heated rhetoric and unwillingness to compromise. The President compared himself to Lincoln, as highlighted by Byron York, then he compared Washington politics to his marriage,("I let Michelle have her way 90% of the time") and finally blamed the changed media landscape for the rise in partisan politics.

"It used to be that everybody was sitting there watching Walter Cronkite, now everybody is on their own little blog or on their own separate news forum. If you're a Democrat you're reading the New York Times, if you're a Republican, you're watching Fox News. . . people don't listen to each other much."

Well, at least he admitted the obvious: the New York Times is gospel to the Left.

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