Newsweek's Ben Adler Thinks He's Found 'Rand Paul's Abortion Hypocrisy'

Promising his Twitter followers a look at "Rand Paul's Abortion Hypocrisy," Newsweek staffer Ben Adler linked to a January 28 story he wrote for the magazine's The Gaggle blog misleadingly entitled "Rand Paul Wants to Ban Abortions and End Birthright Citizenship."

As pertains to the former, his co-sponsorship of the Life at Conception Act, Paul's aim is for federal law to declare unborn babies to be persons as defined by the 14th Amendment whose right to life shall not be infringed without due process of law.

As to Adler's second, misleading allegation, Paul hopes to pass an amendment that, if ratified, would clarify that persons born to illegal immigrants on U.S. soil are not automatically American citizens. It would not "end birthright citizenship" as the headline claims, although it would restrict it.

"It’s not clear where the fetus in an illegal immigrant’s uterus would fit into this equation,"  a smarmy Adler quipped, conflating the separate matters of citizenship and protection of essential human rights.

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