Joy Behar Declares Sharron Angle a 'Bitch' Who Will 'Go to Hell' for Campaign Ad

Comparing her latest campaign spot to a "Hitler Youth commercial," "The View" co-host Joy Behar angrily pronounced that Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle (R) is a "bitch" who will "go to Hell" for her ad.

While none of the four co-hosts agreed with the tone of Angle's ad, Behar was the most vicious in her attack on Angle, calling her a "moron" and insisting she should try out her campaign rhetoric in the south Bronx [Video embedded after the page break]:



JOY BEHAR: You know what I'd like to see her do? I'd like to see her do this ad in the south Bronx. Come here, bitch! Come to New York and do it.


[Audience applause]


SHERRI SHEPHERD: And we're praying for you. We're praying for you.


ELISABETH HASSELBECK: Even Joy is praying for her.


BEHAR: I am not praying for her. I'm telling you right now. She's going to Hell.


SHEPHERD: I'm praying for everybody. No, I'm praying that her heart gets changed.


BEHAR: She's going to Hell, this bitch.


SHEPHERD: I'm praying that Sharron Angle's heart gets changed. She's not going to Hell!


You may recall that in July, when Barack Obama visited the gals of "The View," Behar told the president that she was dedicated to being his "attack dog" in the campaign season:

BEHAR: Because, you know, you've really done a lot, I think. I mean, you've signed 200-plus laws into- since you're in office. You have financial reform has taken place. You got a health care. I mean, you put two woman on the Supreme Court. I could go on and on about your accomplishments. And yet, the right-wing, through Fox News and other outlets, they seem to be hijacking the narrative. Where, on your side, is the narrative? Where is your attack dog to come out and tell the American people, "Listen, this is what we did?"


President BARACK OBAMA: Joy, that's your job.


BEHAR: I do it! But, I'm only one woman!


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