WaPo: Zero Stories on Pro-School Voucher Demonstration, Three for Obama Speech

Yesterday I noted that the Washington Post covered a September 8 anti-Obama, pro-school voucher protest in its D.C. Wire blog. Demonstrators participating in the protest complained about how the president and congressional Democrats have scuttled the voucher program and in doing so dashed the hopes of 216 kids who were scheduled to be granted vouchers for private schools this school year.

Yet the protest, led by former city councilman Kevin Chavous (D) and featuring former mayor and current Councilman Marion Barry (D), received no coverage in the September 9 Washington Post, despite the fact that the paper has supported the voucher program in previous editorials.  

Of course, the Post did find space for not one but three articles dealing with President Obama's September 8 address to the nation's schoolchildren:

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