MSNBC's Shuster Praises 'Must Read' Palin Slam by Dem Strategist Begala

MSNBC anchor and Keith Olbermann wannabe David Shuster is so beside himself with glee over Gov. Sarah Palin's resignation that he's eager to let the whole world -- or at least some 18,000+ followers on Twitter -- know about it 140 characters at a time. In the process Shuster spewed ad hominem attacks on Palin backers on Twitter and endorsed as a knee-slapper a July 3 slam of Palin penned by veteran Democratic hack Paul Begala.

Earlier Sunday evening the regular substitute host for "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" snickered over Palin's choice of legal counsel and his "intellectual vapidity." Those comments came on the heels of Shuster lambasting Palin's defenders, including columnist Bill Kristol, as intellectually immature juveniles (tweets are in reverse chronological order):

Still laughing over palin lawyer thomas von flein. Now I'm beginning to feel sorry for palin.

Speaking of intellectual vapidity, check out the 4 page letter from palin lawyer. Sheesh


@laurapocketdem. Good point. I I owe an apology to all middle schoolers. I'm sorry for comparing you to some palin defenders. :)

I would be honored except that many of these palin defenders appear to be in jr high school, based on their intellect/reasoning levels.

Palin defenders, angry at anybody who rejects the claim she has been "defamed," are calling those people "douchebags." Priceless.


just saw that b. kristol today compared palin to obama. Kristol, is supposed to be leading gop intellectual. How sad.

At about 10:45 p.m. EDT, the MSNBCer tweeted how he "doubled over in laughter" at CNN contributor and Democratic operative Paul Begala's scathing Huffington Post July 3 entry, "Sarah Palin Turns Pro" in which the liberal Democratic campaign hack mocked the Alaska governor, calling her as "vapid and puerile as her inane [resignation] statement suggests." Begala's must read. Thank you @sfmichaelx

doubled over in laughter after reading paul begala's take on palin. It is "must read." I'd link but I'm on bberry.

Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd
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