Ted Nugent Blasts Gun Free Zones As 'Forced Victimization'

Gun control policies wrought by the likes of liberal Sens. Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Schumer (D-N.Y.) amount to "cruel indecency and forced victimization" argues rocker Ted Nugent in an April 20, 2009 column in U.S. News & World Report. 

With the election of Barack Obama, the 10th anniversary of Columbine, the second anniversary of Virginia Tech, and the media's ongoing fixation on a faulty "90 percent" statistic of U.S. guns seized in Mexican drug crimes, the MSM has found a second wind for the gun control after it was virtually moribund post-9/11. 

But the intensified interest in the media for gun control is only certain to energize gun rights and self-defense advocates like Nugent, who takes no prisoners and blows away political correctness in bluntly addressing what's at stake with liberals pushing more gun control:

It is indeed Ted Kennedy's gun ban dream of GunFreeZones that have proven to be the guaranteed slaughter zones where the most innocent lives are lost. Think Columbine, VA Tech, Lane Bryant, NW IL University, Luby's Cafeteria, NJ, Salt Lake City, and Omaha malls, Calgary University, Toronto, Chicago, Boston, Flight 93, the mayor's office in San Francisco, ad nauseam. Peace and love will get you killed, and unarmed helplessness is bad. Unless of course your anthem goes baaa..... baaa...... baaa.

So why in God's good name would any human being wish to force unarmed helplessness on another? That level of cruel indecency and forced victimization is incomprehensible to me and about 100,000,000 Americans who own guns. Self-defense is the most powerful, driving instinct of good people everywhere. To deny this is evil personified. Write this down—GunFreeZones are a felon's playgrounds. Ban GunFreeZones now.

Good people don't want the rapist to succeed. We want him dead. We don't want our homes invaded. We want invaders dead. We don't like carjackers. We like them dead. We don't like armed robbers. We like them dead.

We have examined all the evidence we need to know that calling 911 is a joke, unless of course they bring a dustpan and a mop to clean up the dead monster we just shot while protecting our family.

Nuge is on to something. As we at NewsBusters can attest, the media's call for more gun control is often coupled with a patronizing liberal view of the average American that he/she is not capable of confidently, safely, and competently handling a gun for self-defense. Invariably pro-gun control bias in the media denigrates the rights and responsibilities of private citizens while holding forth liberal politicians as guardians of public safety, standing up boldly to a shadowy "gun lobby."

Related item: Two years earlier, Nugent wrote a similar opinion piece published at CNN.com. 

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