Marking 144th Anniversary of Lincoln Assassination by Celebrating 'Messianic' Obama

One hundred forty-four years after his assassination, Chicago Tribune religion blogger Manya Brachear hacked out an 11-paragraph post on how "Lincoln's death had sacred significance," according to some historians and Lincoln biographers.

"Harold Holzer, co-chair of the U.S. Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, said the Good Friday assassination earned Lincoln a permanent place in American mythology," Brachear noted in her April 14 post, before quoting Holzer's argument at length.

But no Lincoln story in the mainstream media is complete without an Obama tie-in, and Brachear made sure to deliver, again quoting Holzer:

Holzer said he has witnessed a similar passion about the man in the White House today.

"We have a president now who sort of seems to have a messianic quality to him in life," Holzer said. "There is a fervor about [Barack] Obama in life that there was about Lincoln in death. It’s extraordinary to watch it unfold in good health and safety."

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