Radical Pro-Abortion Bonnie Erbe: Guns Do Kill People

Bonnie ErbeWell, ladies and gentlemen, our favorite abortion-mongering, Pope-bashing, radical feminist is at it again. This time she's caterwauling about how deadly your right to keep and bear arms is. 

Guns do kill people, screams the PBS "To the Contrary" host who denies abortion, well, kills people.

You may stop abortion when you pull the forceps from Bonnie Erbe's cold dead hands, but she thinks that your hands shouldn't be anywhere near "assault weapons."

From her April 6 Thomas Jefferson Street blog post at USNews.com, reacting to a fatal shooting of three police officers in Pittsburgh on Sunday:

It's time America came to its senses again on gun control. Seven officers of the law being mowed down in two weeks is too many. Any is too many. But if you listen to the NRA, guns don't kill people, people kill people. Could Poplawski have killed these Pittsburgh police without all his sophisticated weaponry? Heck no!

Remember, this from a woman who is so pro-abortion, she detests waiting periods, parental consent requirements, and requiring pre-abortion ultrasounds.:

To require them to have an ultrasound prior to an abortion is the most invasive type of moralistic lecture imaginable. Some state laws would even require poor women to pay for them, which would put the cost of abortion beyond their meager reach.

The überright has already succeeded in throwing so many obstacles in the path of women trying to end unwanted pregnancies: 24-hour waiting periods, parental consent laws, and so on. Required ultrasounds are a step too far. "Offered" ultrasounds are insulting, too. In my humble opinion, both are completely unconstitutional.

Read my lips: Elections have consequences. You lost. Go away.

Yet if you asked Erbe if she favors waiting periods for gun purchases, raising the minimum age at which you can buy a firearm, and making gun purchasers watch a video from a gun control group, it's safe to say that she'd sign on to each of those measures as "common sense gun control."

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