Time's Joe Klein: Obama May Have to Lecture Israel on Its 'Moral Standing'

Joe Klein file photoPresident Obama may need to call out Israel on its compromised "moral standing" in the world, Time's Joe Klein [file photo at right] argues in a March 17 Swampland blog post.

So what does Klein see as Israel's sin? Prime Minister-elect Benjamin Netanyahu's choice of the hawkish Avigdor Lieberman for foreign secretary.

Lieberman's campaign for prime minister was distinguished by his call for a loyalty pledge that citizens would have to sign in order to vote in Israeli elections:

Jeff Goldberg on Avigdor Lieberman. I second the motion--and add this: I suspect that President Obama is going to have to say something about Israel's selection of a politician who has frequently made racist noises as its Foreign Minister. He should be very clear that this severely compromises Israel's moral standing in the world.


In any case, this is a moment of sadness and embarrassment for those of us who support Israel's right to exist and a two-state solution along the lines offered by Bill Clinton in 2000.

Of course, Klein had nothing to say of the compromised "moral standing" of the Hamas-led regime in the Gaza Strip or what President Obama should do to marginalize the terrorist organization as he plans to move forward in the peace process between Israel and the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

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