Joy Behar Cribs From Time Writer's Flock of Geese Line

Earlier today my colleague Tim Graham noted how on February 5, Time magazine's Michael Grunwald compared GOP critics of the Democratic stimulus package to the geese that downed US Airways Flight 1549:

It's hard to take Republican leaders too seriously when they criticize the recovery plans for the economy; it's sort of like those geese criticizing the evacuation plans for US Airways Flight 1549.

Well, Grunwald's quip got a larger audience today as a co-host of ABC's "The View" regurgitated the line on the Feb. 10 edition of that program:

There's a lot of obstruction going on, it seems to me. You know, Obama's like that pilot Sullenberg, -berger, who, you know, and the Republicans are like the geese that flew into the, you know, it's like they're stopping the plane.

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