4-3 Court Ruling in Conn. Called 'Blessing' to Gay Marriage screen cap from 10-10-2008 | NewsBusters.orgIn a 4-3 decision today the Connecticut Supreme Court decided that civil unions for same-sex partners were not equivalent to marriage and as such ordered the state to start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples applying for them.

In reporting the decision, put the story in the top headlines rotation with the following teaser:

Conn. Gives Blessing to Gay Marriages; State Supreme Court ruling paves way for same-sex marriages to start next month.

The people of the state of Connecticut DID give their blessing to civil unions in 2005, but never through the legislative process to same-sex marriage. As such, the state's highest court disregarded the expressed will of the people for the rights and privileges of domestic partnerships in order to push a social agenda the elected legislature has never approved.

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