Newsweek CW Really Losing It: Up Arrow for Jean Shorts?!

Newsweek CW on jean shorts | NewsBusters.orgThere's no political bias here, but given the interest many of our loyal readers have for college football, the relatively slow news week we're having, and the fact that's it's fun to beat up on Newsweek, here goes.

In a recent "CW Look at Summer Fashion Trends" Newsweek's Conventional Wisdom feature promised a look at "what's hot for this year's hot weather." Among the nods of approval, an up arrow to jean shorts:

They're back like Indiana Jones. Tuck a T shirt into a high-waisted pair.

While it sounds facetious, could this be a subtle ploy to boost readership by University of Florida alumni? [click here, watch intro] If so, isn't that a poor move that could alienate other readers in the SEC?

For more background into the "Gators Wear Jean Shorts" taunt, check here.

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