Politico's Schroeder Mullins Picks Up On 2008 MRC Gala

NewsBusters.org | Graphic via Politico.comUpdate (16:54): Schroeder Mullins added links to our videos on EyeBlast.tv. The old Politico had a dead link to our livecast from last evening. She also corrected the error about last night's function being the 20th anniversary. MRC is in its 21st year.

Politico gossip columnist Anne Schroeder Mullins picked up on the 2008 MRC Annual Gala in her April 11 "Shenanigans" feature. The column is devoted to "[s]hifting the spotlight from the buttoned-up, straight-laced world of politics to the fun, tawdry side of Washington."

We're pleased to make the cut, particularly since she mentioned the portion of the program that honored posthumous Medal of Honor recipient Michael Murphy.

But I do have a few quibbles:

Last night was the Media Research Center's 20th Anniversary Gala.

Actually that was last year.

A solo Mary Cheney was there.... there was a "polite round of applause," we're told.

Having been in attendance personally, I can attest that Cheney was well-received. I'd hardly describe the clapping as merely "polite" or golf-clap like. This just leaves me to wonder who Schroeder Mullins's sources were and if they had an agenda as far as painting the conservative audience as grudgingly polite to Cheney's daughter.

Other than that, a misspelling of Brent Bozell's last name, and unfairly boiling down the witty repertoire to a collection of "penis jokes" (read: cracks aimed at Chris Matthews), Schroeder Mullins did a good job.

Kathryn Jean Lopez of NRO also had a short but sweet take:

The Media Research Center honored Tony Snow, who in turn honored WFB (the award — which Rush was given last year — is named after Bill).

And there was this:

a video tribute to Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, a SEAL who was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for selfless valor in combat in Afghanistan in 2005. MRC Trustee Boone Pickens came on stage afterward to present Murphy’s father, Daniel, and brother, John, with a $1 million check for the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation and then Daniel Murphy thanked Pickens and expressed gratitude for the 29 years he had with his son.

Graphic via Politico.com

Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd
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