McClatchy Newspapers on 'Naked Woman' in Cheney Sunglasses

You gotta love McClatchy "Truth to Power" Newspapers. Not for their reporting, but for their entertainment value. McClatchy editors last night won an MRC DisHonors Award for an October 2007 headline that bemoaned the drop in business Iraqi gravediggers saw with the drop in violence thanks to the U.S. military surge.

Now the newspaper chain is highlighting the rampant online speculation on whether a photo of Dick Cheney shows a naked woman in the reflection of the vice president's sunglasses. Yet not until deep in the article did reporters Kevin G. Hall and George Bridges render a McClatchy photo editor's verdict: the reflection in the glasses is of Cheney's hand holding his fly fishing rod.

You can't make this stuff up. (see screencap below the page break)

(h/t NewsBusters contributor and MRC News Analyst Scott Whitlock) | screencap from home page

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