Barack Obama: Media's Favorite Superhero

Barack Obama's good for NewsBusters' job security. Just ask Ace:

I've changed my mind: I want Obama as the Democratic nominee. Not only is he much more beatable than I first thought -- corruption, that Marxist harpy of a wife -- but the media bias should he prevail will be (licks fingers) muah!, magnifique.

In a humorous riff (mild content warning) on the Barack Obama cover art on Rolling Stone magazine, the 2008 CPAC Blogger of the Year pined for Obama to win the Democratic nomination for the pure joy of watching the media's unbridled worship of the Illinois senator:

They're already embarrassed by their own behavior -- but they can't help it. An Obama candidacy just might be the only thing capable of convincing these strutting ponce-buffoons of how foul, incompetent, and repulsively stupid they actually are.

Ace also made a humorous comparison of Rolling Stone's artsy Obama cover with a minor superhero character DC Comics introduced a few decades ago:

Separated At Birth? DC Comics hero Black Lightning, who I think we used to know on SuperFriends as "Black Vulcan."

On the SuperFriends, Black Vulcan was there almost entirely because he was black. He basically did nothing at all except occasionally mouth gauzy inspirational platitudes.

Though they say he could electrify an audience.

No relation, I'm sure.

Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd
Ken Shepherd is a writer living in New Carrollton, Md.